Exact location

The Doglo tracking device provides a very accurate location of the dog in the terrain or in the city. All you need to monitor your dog and control your device is a smartphone.

Long working time

The tracker has a standby time of 1 month and an active monitoring time of 36 hours (interval 10 seconds). Charging the device is wireless.

24 hours tracking

By keeping the device constantly on the dog's collar, it works as a security device. The device can be set to work on the principle that it guards when the dog is moving, and rests when the dog is sleeping.

Guarding the dog from a distance

The GPS dog tracker uses mobile transmission and has no distance limit – the dog can be tracked from thousands of kilometres away, even abroad.

Listen and talk to the dog

In addition to monitoring, you can call the dog, listen to what the dog is doing and give them commands. The device has a microphone and a speaker.

Waterproof and dustproof

The tracker does not have any openings or buttons to ensure water resistance, its housing is made of strong plastic, which also withstands sunlight.

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Doglo offers trackers in two sizes – the larger HLT-4.0 unit and the smaller HLT-4.5 unit. The device can be ordered from the website or purchased from a partner.

The device purchase kit includes everything you need to start tracking your dog right away:

  • Waterproof and wireless tracker with a SIM card;
  • Strong dog collar with
  • Universal wireless charger
  • Doglo user Tambet and smooth-haired Vizsla "Tesla"

    Tesla owners are active hikers and adventurers and wanted a sense of security when out in nature.

    "Tesla is trained and obedient, but you never know the situations and how the dog will react to them!"

  • Lembitu Inno, owner of the husky Skipper (Norway)

    Lembitu bought a device for his husky after the dog has run away.

    "Super helpful when hiking in the mountains in Norway. I can’t reach some of the places that my dog can go to, so Doglo helps me to see the dog wherever he is - even on the other side of the mountain."

  • Doglo users Helen and Retriever Eddie

    Eddie is one of the most famous social media dogs in Estonia, with over 30,000 followers from all over the world on Instagram.



  • Doglo users Ragnar and Estonian Hound Riki

    Ragnar Sass is the co-founder of the Pipedrive sales software and the founder of the LIFT99 accelerator. His dog Riki is the most famous ‘office dog’ in Estonia, who had his own position. He was the Pipedrives Chief Happiness Officer.


With the Doglo device, you can also track your dog from the app

The app contains a number of useful functions for tracking a pet and controlling the device