Sandy story

Sandy the hag with his family lives in the forests of Otepää. Sandy’s owner is also a hunter, which means Sandysandy can often go hunting in the forest. Sandy has a big orange tracker with the “Huntloc” logo, which is used by the owner both for hunting and to watch the dog at home.

As a hunting dog, Sandy has very good instincts and one late evening she went running from the backyard with great gusto! Luckily, the owner keeps a tracker on the dog at all times for surveillance purposes and Sandy’s device could be called from a distance as he ran. The tracker started beeping and immediately the app had Sandy’s location, running around in the nearby woods. Calling a pet, it was clear that Sandy was particularly chatty, apparently barking at a wild animal!

In the Doglo app, you can share the location of a family memo with up to five people, so the whole family saw Sandy’s location on the run and together they went into the woods after Sandy. The dog was quickly found and brought back to the room. Sandy was exhausted from chasing the wild animal and spent the rest of the night sleeping comfortably on the sofa.

Doglo recommends that everyone share the dog’s location in the app with the whole family, who can identify the dog’s location, call the dog and watch over it if necessary. In addition, it is good to know that the Doglo tracking device works as a surveillance device if it is constantly kept around the dog’s neck. The device can be in standby mode, which can be switched to trekking if necessary. In this way, the tracker can be worn around the dog’s neck as a surveillance device for up to a month without charging! READ MORE ABOUT THE DEVICE!

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