The most convenient and affordable way to guard your dog

Doglo offers a very simple way to control your dog. No need to make a big investment and buy your own tracker. Sign up for our dog tracking and monitoring service, get a free monitoring device from us and pay only a monthly fee for the service. And we’ll replace the tracker with a new one every two years.


Basic terms of service

  • During the service period, the user will be provided with a dog-tracking device.
  • For the entire period of the service, the monitoring device is covered by a guarantee, at no additional cost to the user.
  • At the request of the user, a new tracker will be provided every two years.
  • The monthly payment for the service is €11.99.
  • If you pay a single annual instalment (€119.90), the service costs €9.99 per month.
  • Subscription fee 59€
  • Trial period of 14 days.
  • Service period of at least 2 years, with the possibility of early termination.
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