• The location of the dog on the map

    The location of the tracker in tracking mode is shown on two different Google base maps.

    You can change the base map with the map button at the top right of the screen.
  • Track multiple dogs

    The user can have several monitoring devices interfaced in the app.

    The location button after the tracker name shows the status of the device and, by pressing it, its will show location on the map
  • Simple device management

    In tracking device management, you can see the status of the device and control it.

    The device can have two tracking modes:
    a) continuous tracking - the device sends the location regardless of whether it is moving or not b) activity tracking - sends the location when the device is in motion.
  • Geofence

    The user can set a geofence and the app will check if the dog is within it

    To check status in the geofence, the tracker must be in tracking mode (constant or activity tracking).
  • Several family members see the dog

    You can share your tracking device with 4 more users. Users with the entered number will see the location of the dog in their Doglo app.

    NB! When sharing the device, be sure to use the right country. The shared user does not need to do anything himself
  • Distance measurement

    The ruler function allows you to measure distances on the map.

    The ruler can be activated with the button at the bottom left.

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