Doglo for dogs at home

Searching online for a good tracking device can reveal some new and interesting GPS tracking devices. One of them is definitely the Huntloc tracking device for hunting dogs. Did you know that the idea and vision of the Doglo tracker for home dogs was born out of the Huntloc hunting dog device features? Originally a hunting dog device and an app for hunting was made more convenient and understandable for home dog owners!

It can often happen that a hunting dog runs to hunt on its own while at home. If your hunting dog has a Huntloc device, it is also possible to use the Doglo mobile app, which is designed to guard dogs at home. One tracking device can be used both: on the hunt with the Huntloc app and at home with the Doglo application. After all, a hunting dog is a home dog most of the time –  they also need guarding during non-hunting times!

In the Doglo mobile app, it is possible to share the location of a dog with up to five family members, all of them have the opportunity to watch their pet, create Geofences and also communicate with the dog. The Doglo device provides a real-time overview of the dog’s location and trajectory. It is possible to create a virtual fence for the dog, which helps to ensure that the pet does not get too far from the area close to home. In addition, it is possible to call the device attached to the collar to listen dog’s activities and surroundings. Lightweight, water and dust resistant device allow your pet to explore the world in the most complete way!

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