Doglo has now geofence

We have released a new version of Doglo for Android phones that will make guarding your dog even easier and more efficient. With a geofence you can check if the dog has left the ground or not. Thanks to the notification, you can find out immediately when your pet leaves the geofence area, not several hours later, when the traveler has reached several kilometers away.

We are currently offering a circle shaped fence – the user determines the center of the garden and the distance from it. A virtual fence with its warnings works when the device is in tracking mode!

There are other additions to the renewed app in addition to the virtual fence: the warning system monitoring battery life has been added, on the screen has added in and out zoom buttons for easier management.

We also changed the management of the shared monitoring device. Family members, who have a device shared in Doglo app, can turn on and off the tracking device inside the app, see the data of the last location of the device and the history of the dog movement. More additions to come from now on.

We have also updated our service and privacy terms, therefore users need to review and agree with them. To do this you need to uninstall the old Doglo app and download the new one. The new app version number is 1.09.13 (19) and is available on Google Play.

At the moment, the geo-fence is only working on Android phones, soon it will also be added to iPhones.

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