Doglo large device or small device

A common question when buying a device is whether to buy your dog Doglo small GPS tracker or a larger device. Doglo will answer this question quickly and easily for you!

Doglo large and small devices are exactly the same in terms of functionality and features, the only difference being the battery life of the device. Specifically:

DOGLO LARGE DEVICE – battery capacity 1850 mAh. The operating time of the device is 30 days and 36 hours of active monitoring.

We recommend larger device for at least medium-sized dogs such as retrievers, whiskers, mastiffs, rottweilers, etc.
Suur Doglo GPS jälgur
DOGLO SMALL DEVICE – battery capacity 1500 mAh. The operating time of the device is 20 days and 24 hours for active monitoring.
We recommend a small device for dogs under the knee, such as dachshunds, corgis, terriers, etc.
Doglo väike GPS jälgur
Both devices have all the features you need: dog tracking, Geofence creation, sharing with family, wireless charging, also water and dust resistance. You can find out more about the tracking device here!

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The Doglo tracking device creates security for dogs of all sizes and peace of mind for owners too!
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