Doglo test app for Android is available

We’ve published the new Doglo app 2.1.13 on our website for you to test, and it’s very different from the previous version.

The app has a new map view, with the app menu opening from the bottom of the map;
the tracking device info window on the map provides more information about the device’s working location – you can see the device status, signal status, age of the last signal and distance travelled;
the device’s own management view is much more complete in terms of information, providing information on the status and activity of the device. Depending on the operating status of the device, the user is offered options to change it.

The app can be downloaded to your Android phone HERE.

When testing, please consider the following topics:

  • The existing Doglo app must be uninstalled before you can use it.
  • Before installing the app, you must first uninstall Doglo.The app must be uninstalled.
  • The app may be slow at times (some 5-10 second delay is still present when launching or modifying data).
  • If this app doesn’t work, delete and put the old one back from Google Play.
  • In this version (2.1.13) it is not possible to view dog movement history, set virtual garden, save dog data.