How to save your nerves?

Have you had to look for your lost dog? How much energy and nerve cells did you use to find your pet? You may also have driven several kilometres by car looking for a dog.

Everyone who has experienced the loss of a dog has thought: NEVER AGAIN! However, it happens that this terrible experience is quickly forgotten and the disappearance of the dog, unfortunately, happens again. A dog will never say that he has the plan to run away, to follow his instincts. He simply disappears at one point, and the long search period can begin again because there is no idea where he could be or which way he has run.

One way to save your nerves is with a dog GPS tracking device. There are many different ones available, each with its quality and features. Those who have tried it and are not satisfied are always looking for something better and more reliable, and then they come to Doglo dogs GPS. This dog-tracking device is manufactured and developed in Estonia. The dog can wear it 24/7 – long battery life, water, dust and mud proof. It ensures that in cases where a dog is found to be missing, it can be activated remotely, and the lost pet can be found quickly. In addition, there is an opportunity to look for and look after the dog together with the whole family!

Doglo offers two types of tracking devices – large and small. The large tracker in standby mode, which means that it is ready to receive a command at any time, works for up to 1 month. But it works for 1.5 days in continuous tracking mode. It is possible to set the tracker in a mode where it starts working automatically – if the dog moves, the GPS turns on and sends the location to your phone, but if the dog sleeps, it automatically switches to standby mode. In this mode, the battery works for about 1 week, depending on the dog’s activity, but – convenient and safe! Learn more about the small tracker at our homepage.

Our customers have said that they have finally gained peace of mind with the Doglo tracker because, in the case of a loss, they can find their loved one weary quickly. You never know which way the dog has run. The client told us that once he noticed that the dog was no longer in the yard. He turned on the Doglo tracker and the dog was in a place where he would never have thought to look for him, that he would have gone to look in a completely different direction.

Learn more about the DOGLO dog GPS tracker and its features.