HLT-4.0 Monitoring Device


The HLT-4.0 monitoring device gives the owner an excellent overview of the dog’s movements. The device allows you to track the dog on the Doglo mobile app at thousands of kilometres away. Up to 5 family members can monitor the dog’s location at the same time.

Technical data

  • GPS-GSM solution
  • different indicator lights show the operating status of the device
  • the device has a speaker and a microphone
  • observation time 36 hours (10 s interval)
  • contains a SIM card
  • finds a suitable network (except in Estonia works in the Telia network)
  • wireless charging
  • waterproof (the device is glued)
  • 98 grams
  • dimensions 88 x 46 x 28 mm
  • 2-year warranty

In addition to the device, the price includes a dog collar and 1-year internet access (further, 36 € per year).

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