Surveillance device rental for 1 month


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The HLT-4.0 tracking device can be rented for short-term dog guarding. The rental set includes a tracking device, a wireless charging cradle and a collar.

Shipping costs to the Omniva parcel machine are added. The device will be delivered to the vending machine within one working day after payment.


  1. These terms and conditions of the rental of the monitoring device (hereinafter the Device) regulate the requirements for the rental, use and return of the Doglo monitoring device.
  2. The lessor of the device is Traxby OÜ (hereinafter Traxby).
  3. By renting the equipment, it is considered that the Lessee has agreed to these terms and conditions.
  4. The rental relationship begins with the transfer of the Leased Device to the user. In the case of transmission by post, the date following the posting shall be deemed to have been delivered.
  5. The equipment can be issued and returned only in the office of Traxby OÜ or by courier, parcel machine.
  6. The shortest rental period is 1 month and all days of the week are included in the rental period.
  7. The rent is paid on the basis of the invoice issued by the Lessee before the device is sent out.
  8. The amount of the lease corresponds to the price list, unless otherwise agreed. The delivery fee of the device is added to the rental price.
  9. If the Lessee delays the payment of any payment, the Lessee is obliged to pay the Lessor a late payment interest of 0.5% of the overdue amount for each day of delay, as well as
    compensate for all damage.
  10. Immediately upon arrival of the Equipment, the Lessee must check the quantity, quality and condition of the equipment and immediately inform Traxby of any defects.
  11. Upon return, the Device must be in the same technical condition as the Lessee received the Device, taking into account normal wear and tear.
  12. The Lessee is obliged to return the rented Equipment to Traxby cleaned immediately after the deadline.
  13. If the Renter fails to comply with the return obligation, he must reimburse Traxby for a late payment interest of € 2 per Device for each day of delay.
  14. The lessee is obliged to:
    1. use the Device prudently and only in accordance with the purpose of use of the Device;
    2. follow all instructions provided to him by Traxby when using the Device;
    3. not to modify, modify or repair the Device on its own initiative;
    4. notify Traxby immediately of any damage to the Device, partial or complete damage to functions, leakage or destruction, as well as
    5. not to make the Device in the possession or use of third parties without it;
    6. pay on time the agreed rental fee for the use of the Device and the additional services provided or mediated by Traxby;
    7. return the Device to Traxby at the end of the Rental Period under the terms and conditions set out above.
  15. Traxby is obliged to hand over the Equipment to the Lessee and ensure the conformity and operation of the Equipment and guarantee one user the full right to use the platform for the rental period.
  16. In the event of loss or destruction of the Equipment, the price of a new Equipment of the same Equipment shall be considered to Traxby’s loss, and the price of the work necessary to repair the Equipment in the event of damage.
  17. Traxby has the right to terminate the lease unilaterally during the rental period if it turns out that the Lessee has provided incorrect information or violates the terms of the lease.
  18. Traxby shall not be liable for any costs that the Lessee may incur due to the use, breakage and / or technical failure of the Equipment.
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