Introduction of the Doglo app

The Doglo app is a free download for Android phones / tablets on Google Play and for iPhones / iPads Apps Stores. To find the app, enter “Doglo” in the app store and install the Doglo app offered to you.

After installing the app, you must grant the app access to the following accesses:

  • Access to your phone’s location – the app shows your location on the map with a blue dot (red dot marks the center of the map) and sees your distance from the dog;
  • access to the phone’s camera – to add a tracking device with a QR code, it is necessary to take a picture of it and it will automatically read the data from the app;
  • access to contacts – the tracking device can be shared with your other contacts / phone numbers in the Doglo app.


  1. Choose the language in which you want to use the app. There are 15 different languages ​​to choose from, including Estonian, English and Russian.
  2. Select the home country of your mobile operator. The default country code for “Estonia” is +372.
  3. Enter your phone number, name, and email address to register an account or identify an existing account. You can change your name and email address later.

To confirm the account, an SMS message with a code will be sent to the entered phone number. Enter the received code in the corresponding field. Usually, the Android phone automatically detects the user (the code sent via SMS does not have to be entered.

Adding a dog tracking device

To add a tracking device, follow these steps:
  1. Select “Monitoring devices” from the menu.
  2. Press the “+” sign to add a device.
  3. Enter the details of the tracking device (IMEI code and phone number on the device) or take a picture of the QR code on the device.
  4. The added device will be added to your list of tracking devices

List of dog tracking devices

The list of tracking devices (select “Dog trackers” in the menu) shows the user all the devices related to him – the devices belonging to him and the devices shared with him. Shared devices have a dark background and their details cannot be viewed or changed by the user in detail. For each device, the tracking device icon, the GSM number in the device, the device name, and the time of the last signal received from the device are displayed.
The number of tracking devices that can be added is not limited. The tracking device is managed in the tracking device management view (select “Dog trackers” in the menu and then the desired tracker).

General information about the dog tracking device

The management view of the tracking device shows the general information of the device (device name, device IMEI, phone number, icon). The last data connection received from the device is also shown:

  • the time of the last connection
  • battery level
  • GSM signal strength (range 1-5)
  • number of fixed GPS

Time of last connection
Shows the time when the tracker last sent information about its activity. Depending on the age of the signal, the time display is different:

  • time is green – the tracking device is in tracking mode or has just sent the last signal (received within the last 3 minutes);
  • time is black – the tracking device is in standby mode (signal age is 4-65 minutes);
  • time is red – the tracking device is switched off or out of range (the last signal was received more than 1 hour ago). If possible, check the device.

NB! The time displayed in the dog information window (by clicking on the dog icon) in the map view and the time displayed in the tracking device administration window may differ. The map view shows the dog’s last location and time. The tracking management view shows the last signal received on the tracker, which may not include the location of the tracker.

GPS signal
The number of satellites fixed by the tracking device is displayed. Your device must capture at least 3-4 satellites to determine your location. The larger the number of fixed satellites, the more accurate the position of the tracking device is shown. The maximum number of fixed satellites is 12.

The success of satellite tracking by your device in tracking mode depends on several factors:

  • Strength or absence of GPS signal. Because satellites are in practice, it is necessary for the device to “see the sky” to receive GPS signals. Being indoors or under a dense forest makes it difficult to see the sky, resulting in weak or no signals. Heavy clouds can also affect the speed at which satellites are found.
  • Fluctuation in GPS signal strength. To fix a satellite, it is necessary that the signal received from it is of uniform strength. GPS signal fluctuations are generally caused by packet windows inside the room (the gas used in the windows affects the propagation of the GPS signal). The stability of the GPS signal is also affected by the dog’s running – its movement is abrupt, which is why the GPS signals fluctuate in the tracking device of the running dog.

Changing the operating modes of the tracking device

In the device management view, you can send work commands to the device. Work orders to be sent are made either by a call to the device or sent by SMS:

  • to switch to device tracking mode, press the “Start” button and a phone call to the tracking device number will begin. When the command is understood, the monitoring device interrupts the call.
    NB! Due to technical problems with the operator, the user may also receive the message “Service failed, please try again later”. However, the device starts working.
  • To call the tracker and listen to the dog, press the phone icon and the phone call to the tracking device number will start. The device in answering mode automatically answers the call. The call can be up to 60 seconds long.
  • to switch off the device from monitoring mode, press the “Stop” button and the phone will start sending an SMS to the monitoring device number. The content of the SMS to be sent is “1”.
  • To change the tracking interval of the tracking device, select “Set interval” and enter the desired time in seconds. The sending of an SMS to the number of the tracking device is then initiated. The content of the SMS to be sent is “1” + the tracking interval entered by the user (e.g. for an interval of 15 seconds, an SMS “115” is sent to the device). Sending an interval change command to a device in standby mode also puts the device in monitoring mode. The tracking interval of the tracking device can be between 1-99 seconds. NB! The faster the device, the higher the battery consumption of the device.

Viewing the dog's movement route and distance traveled

The Doglo app can be used to view the distance traveled by a dog and its length.

To do this:

  • go to the dog tracking device management view (select “Tracking Devices” from the menu and the desired tracking device from there).
  • press the show motion history button (map marker with a path). The sign turns orange.
  • go back to the map view and the route of the dog’s movement will be drawn on the map. The length of the journey to be drawn is up to the last 24 hours. The user can also set a shorter period, which can be changed in the app’s settings “Distance traveled time”.
  • To view the distance traveled, click on the dog icon in the map view and you will see the distance traveled in kilometers with time information. For example, Dis: 1.24km (2h) – the dog has moved 1.24 kilometers in the last 2 hours.

To remove a route from the map view, go to the tracker management menu and press the orange motion history display button and the sign will turn white again.

In App settings, you can choose between the following time periods:

  • last 1 hour,
  • last 2 hours,
  • last 4 hours,
  • last 8 hours,
  • last 12 hours,
  • last 24 hours.

Sharing a dog tracking device with family members

The tracking device can be shared with 4 more users. Thus, 5 people can watch the dog at the same time. To share your device, follow these steps:

  • Select the device you want to share from the Dog Trackers menu and from the list of devices.
  • “Shared Phone” is displayed in the monitor management view. Clicking on it opens the trackers sharing screen.
  • If the person you want to share the device with is your contact, enter their name in the “Add phone number” field and their phone number will be suggested from the contact book. If the person you want is not in the contact book, enter the number. NB! The phone number must also include the country code (eg +372 xxxxx).
  • Confirm the selection by pressing the “+” sign.
  • Once the desired shares have been added then save.

The user to whom the tracking device is shared will see the location of the dog in their Doglo app. The shared tracking device will also appear in the list of tracking devices in his Doglo app.

Manage shared tracking device

If a tracking device is shared with a user, they will see the tracking device in their list of tracking devices with an entry to that effect.

To manage a tracking device, a shared user can enter the device management view and perform the following actions:

  • activate the tracking device (the app initiates a phone call to the device);
  • listening to the tracking device when the tracking device is in tracking mode;
  • Switch the tracker to standby mode (the app offers to send the corresponding SMS to the device);
  • change the interval of the tracking device ((the app offers to send the corresponding SMS to the device);
  • view the movement history of the tracking device (turn on the corresponding map marker);
  • the coordinates of the adhesive position of the tracking device.

In addition, the user can assign a virtual geo-fence to the shared tracking device and will be notified when the tracker leaves or enters the area.

Change the base map

The user can use two base cards – the Google general card and the Google hybrid card. To change the base map, use the corresponding map symbol in the lower right corner of the screen.

Distance measurement

The user can measure distances on the map. To do this, turn on the ruler mark in the lower right corner of the map (after turning on, the mark will turn green). By clicking on the desired locations on the map, the app shows the distance between them (a red line appears between the points and the distance between the points is shown in a red area above them).

To end / cancel the measuring function, press the ruler mark again (after switching off, the mark turns white).

Setting up the app

The user can configure the following parameters in the app (select from the “Settings” menu):

  • Language used in the app – the user can choose between 15 different languages;
  • Distance traveled time – determines how long the dog’s movement log is shown on the screen and the distance traveled by the dog. The range is from 1 to 24 hours;
  • measuring system – the selection includes metric and inch.

Additionally, the user sees the Doglo app version under Settings.

Tracking device software update

The tracking device management view shows the software version (firmware) used in the device. The tracker manufacturer will from time to time release an updated software version of the tracker to improve the performance of the device or to add an additional features to the device. The software version number of the latest tracking device is published on Doglo’s website and is updated via Doglo’s channels (website, social media).

To update the tracking device software, in the device management view, select upgrade and the phone will start sending an SMS to the tracking device number. The content of the SMS to be sent is “fw”.

The tracker software update takes about 10 minutes, which consists of two stages:

Download software version – Blue light on the tracker.
Install software version – green and red lights on the tracker or all lights go out (differences are due to the previous software version)

After installing the software, the tracker returns to standby mode (blue light blinking) and a fresh data connection is established, after which the new connection time and the software version number installed in the tracker are displayed in the device management view.

The latest versions of the Doglo app

Android 2.12.23, released December 19, 2024

  • Updated icons in the menu and alert button in the dog management view;
  • Harmonized map view icon sizes;
  • The length of the displayed log can be changed more easily in the dog management view;
  • 14 days before the internet expires, the app offers a payment to extend the internet;

Android 2.8.13 (50), released August 10, 2023

  • Added an app exit button to the menu;
  • The bottom menu is brought up;
  • The possibility of using the imperial units measurement
  • Bugs fixed

Android 2.7.13 (42), released June 02, 2023

  • Latvian and Lithuanian languages are correct in the app.
  • Added different colored icons for dogs.
  • Improvements in shared user management
  • The app can be used when the user has GPS turned off
  • App remembers which basemap was last used
  • Tracking interval is visible and editable when the tracker is on tracking and has a location.

Android 2.6.13 (37), released April 26, 2023

  • The app has a new design
  • The management view of the dog trackers has changed, more information about the tracker activity is shown

Android 1.10.13 (20), released April 7, 2021

  • A center marker is added to the map view
  • Added “Map Info” button, which opens a pop-up window with the coordinates of the location of the marker in the center of the map and the possibility to add geofence or save a location.

Android 1.09.13 (19), released March 5, 2021

  • Geo-fence added
  • Improved low battery warning system
  • Zoom in and out buttons added to the map view
  • Fellow users (family members) can turn the tracking device on and off, view dog movement data, and assign a virtual crate to the device.
  • Changed terms of service and privacy

Android 1.07.13 (14), released July 28, 2020

Ability to store in your app the locations of your pet, his vaccinations, medical cases and participation in shows. The possibility to add a kennel number has also been added to the general data.

Android 1.05.13 (8), released July 16, 2020

  • Added the ability to store dog-related data (name, date of birth, microchip number, etc.);
  • Improved map view stability;
iOS 2.14.23, released February 20, 2024
  • When adding a tracker, the device information will appear immediately;
  • Fixed the trace of showing the traveled path;
  • Deleting a tracking device also automatically deletes the virtual fence to which the device was assigned.

iOS 2.12.23, released December 19, 2024

  • Updated icons in the menu and alert button in the dog management view;
  • Harmonized map view icon sizes;
  • The length of the displayed log can be changed more easily in the dog management view;
  • 14 days before the internet expires, the app offers a payment to extend the internet;

iOS 2.9.23, released August 16, 2023

  • Bug fix (The SMS message to tracker was created incorrectly)
  • In the list of trackers, it is possible to choose to show the dog’s location on the map

iOS 2.8.23, released August 09, 2023

  • New map view that shows information about the dog in the upper part of the screen. The displayed information is clearer and includes the device’s current status indicator as well as how much the device has moved based on GPS coordinates.
  • Open the menu by dragging the “three dots” from the bottom of the screen upwards.
  • In the center of the map, there is a red location marker which shows the distance from yourself. Pressing the button opens an additional menu. Clicking on the dog icon brings the dog to the center of the map, and you can see the distance to the dog.
  • The device management view provides more information about the device/dog’s activity:
    • The device’s current status is displayed;
    • The last signal and last location are shown with the signal age displayed. Clicking on it will show the time of the signal;
    • Added activity indicator for the dog’s tracking device;
    • The location, mobile, and battery status information is more comprehensive;
    • Added messages sent by the tracking device. Clicking on them opens an overview of the last 10 messages. This allows you to see when the device started working or stopped tracking;
    • Users are offered device control options based on the device’s current status;
    • The ability to turn on movement history and set how long the movement history is displayed;
    • The top of the screen has a sharing icon for sharing the device, which shows how many people has the tracker been shared with.

iOS 1.05.23, released May 18, 2021

  • Geo-fence added
  • Improved geo-fence warning system
  • Fellow users (family members) can turn the tracking device on and off, view dog movement data, and assign a virtual crate to the device.

iOS 1.2.23, released July 17, 2020

  • Possibility to see the distance traveled by the dog. To do this, turn on the track log of the desired object and click on its marker in the map view
  • Under the settings, the user can specify how long the track log is displayed. Available in 1, 2.4, 8, 12 and 24h
  • Increased selection of tracking device role markers.
  • The modified tracking device management view shows the number of GPSs fixed by the device.
  • You can use the measurement function in the map view
  • A long press in the map view shows the coordinate of that location
  • Sharing the tracking device to 4 users.

The latest version of tracker firmware

1.11.7, published on 15.11.2023

  • When the battery is about to run out, the trackers battery light indicates this – the red LED starts to flash slowly.
  • The battery level from the tracker has been made more stable.
  • When thetracker registers to the GSM network, it makes a sound.
  • Blocking of foreign numbers: it is possible to set phone numbers (up to 5 pcs) that can makes a call or send SMS to the tracker. The tracker does not respond to calls or SMS from other numbers. To apply the blocking, the corresponding SMS command must be sent to the device.
  • The system of satellites witch used for tracking has changed.
  • If the tracker is in activity tracking mode, after charging the device, the tracker will still remain in activity tracking mode.
  • Bug fix: resolved automatic shutdown when traker is charging.
  • The way to turn off the tracker by using the charger has changed – to turn off the device, you need to place the device on the charger for a while and then shake it.
  • Increasing the operational stability of the tracking device.

1.10.49, published on 17.02.2023

  • Increased data connection stability of the tracker.

1.9.70, published on 17.01.2022

  1. Increased stability of the tracker. Reduced self-restart of the tracker related by data connection (this resulted in a loss of location).
  2. Added a new working mode “Activity tracking“, which allows you to monitor the dog more conveniently. An accelerometer in the tracking device monitors shaking of tracker (whether the dog is moving or sleeping) and switches the tracker to live tracking or standby.
    • If the tracker is shaking and does so continuously 30 seconds, the device will turn on the GPS and start tracking (the tracker will search for satellites and forward the location of the dog).
    • The frequency of location data updates depends on the intensity of the shaking of the tracker. If the dog moves slowly, data seding interval is 20 seconds, as the dog’s activity increases, the device will speed up the data sending interval. The fastly running dog transmits data every 3 seconds.
    • If the tracker does not shake for 1 minute (the dog is asleep, the device is removed from the dog), the device will switch to standby and update the battery information every hour.
    • Depending on the dog’s activities, GSM coverage conditions and satellite visibility, the HLT-4.0 tracking device will operate in this mode for approx. 1 week.
    • When calling a device in activity tracking mode, the tracker automatically answers the call and can listen to the dog.
    • To activate the activity tracking mode, an SMS with the content “2” must be sent to the tracker.
    • To end the activity tracking mode, an SMS with the content “0” must be sent to the device and the device will go into standby mode. SMS “1” switches the device to continuous tracking mode. Charging the device does not change the operating mode of the tracker.
  3. The battery level reading has been made more stable
  4. When the device is found in the cellular network, the device will make sound and number of beeps from device indicates, which operator’s network tracker will use.
  5. The call to activate continuous tracking mode – the device answers the call for a moment and ends it immediately (the device no longer says “Service failed, please try again later”).
  6. A time control when listening to the dog, the call cannot be longer than 60 seconds.
  7. The device will made a beep when it turns off.

1.8.12, published on 09.10.2020

  • a change in the satellite tracking system.

1.8.11, published on 31.03.2020

  • the ability to set the tracker to send the location to standby once an hour when the device is moving;
  • a change in the satellite tracking system.