How active is your dog?

Movement is a prerequisite for a healthy dog.

Moderate training and exercise according to the dog’s age, development and physical ability is necessary for the dog to feel happy and healthy. Kutsikas.ee article highlights the main advantages of dog physical training:

  • strengthening of the heart muscle
  • maintaining and improving dog’s physical condition
  • increasing durability and breathability
  • stimulation of blood circulation

The article recommends that you gradually train an adult dog to enjoy outdoor sports with him. For example, the owner should not take their untrained dog to a ski training where the dog runs for a long time and gets tired behind the owner. This can affect the joints of an untrained overweight dog. As with humans – a healthy gradual increase in load and training is good for the health and mood of both the owner and the dog!

Do you know how much your dog moves on a daily basis? It is often difficult to measure a dog’s activity when the dog is wandering around by itself. A new tracking mode – activity tracking –  has been created for the Doglo dog GPS tracking device. In the activity monitoring mode (mode 2), the accelerometer monitors the vibration of the device (whether the dog is moving or sleeping) and switches the device to tracking or standby mode accordingly. The Doglo tracker helps to keep an eye on your dog’s activity, as the frequency of pet’s location is updated depending on the intensity of the device’s shake. If the dog moves slowly, data will be transmitted after 20 seconds, as the dog’s activity increases, the device will speed up the interval. The running dog transmits data after 3 seconds. This activity tracking mode also helps to save the battery tracker, because if the dog is asleep and the tracker does not detect movement, the device goes into standby mode, which changes the operating time of the tracker to several weeks.

With the Doglo tracker you can monitor and guard your dog 24/7, share the location of the dog with up to 4 family members, call the dog, create Geofences to limit your dog’s large-scale exploration projects and also monitor how much does your dog move actively on a daily basis.



With Doglo tracking device, you can conveniently monitor your pet’s activity from your smartphone and with Doglo app.

Doglo team wishes an active joy of discovery to all big and small furry friends!

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