New version of Doglo iOS app (2.8.23)

We have released a new version that is significantly different from the previous version of the app. The version of the app is identical to the previously released Doglo version of Android.

The update includes:

  • New map view that shows information about the dog in the upper part of the screen. The displayed information is clearer and includes the device’s current status indicator as well as how much the device has moved based on GPS coordinates.
  • Open the menu by dragging the “three dots” from the bottom of the screen upwards.
  • In the center of the map, there is a red location marker which shows the distance from yourself. Pressing the button opens an additional menu. Clicking on the dog icon brings the dog to the center of the map, and you can see the distance to the dog.
  • The device management view provides more information about the device/dog’s activity:
    • The device’s current status is displayed;
    • The last signal and last location are shown with the signal age displayed. Clicking on it will show the time of the signal;
    • Added activity indicator for the dog’s tracking device;
    • The location, mobile, and battery status information is more comprehensive;
    • Added messages sent by the tracking device. Clicking on them opens an overview of the last 10 messages. This allows you to see when the device started working or stopped tracking;
    • Users are offered device control options based on the device’s current status;
    • The ability to turn on movement history and set how long the movement history is displayed;
    • The top of the screen has a sharing icon for sharing the device, which shows how many people has the tracker been shared with.

NB! The updated app currently lacks virtual fence. It will also be added soon.