Personal smartphone for a dog

Today, almost everyone has a smartphone that they use on a daily basis. You could say that a smartphone is a worthy helper in people’s daily tasks. Advances in technology can create useful new solutions, such as a dog’s personal smartphone that can be used to call your pet!

Doglo tracking device has a built-in speaker and microphone that allows the owner to call the dog’s device with their smartphone to communicate with the dog or listen to the surroundings. In particular, this feature is designed to allow the dog to be called home or to hear the sounds of the surroundings when the dog disappears. Eddie, the cute Toller girl, has tried out this Doglo tracking and calling function. Watch the video here!

The dog’s personal smartphone includes other necessary features that make guarding easier. Doglo mobile application allows you to share your dog’s location with up to five family members, all of them can watch the dog from their smartphone, create Geofences and call the dog. The Doglo app is convenient for monitoring your dog’s activity. The app allows you to save the necessary dog data (medicines, participation in shows, etc.). In addition, you can keep track how much your dog is actively moving around and exploring the world during the day. A dog’s personal smartphone can also be an activity monitor!

Read more about the Doglo app features here!

With a Doglo tracker, your dog is always in the picture – go hiking in the woods and fields with peace of mind! We care about all the curious pets around the world!

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