GPS-GSM dog tracker HLT-4.0 (Reproduced)


First deposit: 48,00  per item

We can provide remanufactured dog trackers. It is a device with an electronic part that has been in use for 2-3 years, the rest of the components are new, including the battery andenclosure. Naturally, the device comes with the whole new set – collar, charger. We continue to give the device a 2-year warranty, and it also comes with 1 year of internet connection to the tracking device.

The HLT-4.0 dog’s GPS tracking device provides a very accurate location of the dog in the terrain. The monitoring device uses mobile transmission and has no distance limit – the dog can be tracked from thousands of kilometres away. All you need to monitor your dog and control your device is a smartphone.

Holding the device around the dog’s neck, it works as a guard device, in case of loss of the dog, it can be switched to monitoring mode from a distance. In addition to monitoring, you can make calls to listen to the dog’s activities and give voice commands. Up to 4 family members can monitor the dog’s location at the same time.

The tracking device is very strong, light, waterproof and has a long service life. The monitoring time is 36 hours (intervals of 10 seconds) and the standby time is 1 month. To ensure water resistance, the device does not have any openings or buttons, and 3 signal lights indicate the operating status of the device. Charging the device is wireless.

The price includes a tracker, dog collar (size L), wireless charger and internet for the tracker for one year.

Costs from next year:

Internet for tracker 36 EUR (per year)

The Doglo tracking device has been developed in Estonia.


Discount -10%

The remanufactured tracking device is €129 cheaper because it uses electronics that have been in use for 2-3 years. The device warranty continues to be 2 years.

Use installment payments – pay €48 now and then €30 per month for the next 5 months.

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Additional information


2G network, built-in SIM card,
In Estonia, Telia operates online, roaming throughout the EU



Microphone and speaker


Monitoring time

up to 36 hours (10 second intervals)

Standby mode

1 month




Wireless, EU adapter and charging pad included

Water and dust resistance

Yes The device can be used in water

Signal lamps

3 LEDs
red (charging), blue (GSM), green (GPS)


Black "Doglo" logo, Orange "Huntloc" logo


98 grams


88 x 46 x 28 mm


2 years

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