Save your nerves

Have you had to look for your lost dog? How much of your energy and nerves did you have to expend to find the dog? Or did you drive a car a huge number of kilometres in search of your dog?

Anyone who has experienced a lost dog will have wondered: NO MORE! It often happens that the terrible experience is soon forgotten and the dog is discovered missing again. After all, the dog doesn’t tell you in advance that he has a plan to run. He just disappears!

One antidote to this is the Doglo dog GPS. This dog tracking device, made in Estonia, can be worn around the dog’s neck 24/7. If you discover your dog is lost, you can set it to work remotely and easily find the lost dog. You can track him with the whole family.

A larger device can be worn around the dog’s neck to wait for a tracking command for up to 1 month. Continuous tracking time of the device is 1,5 days. If desired, the device can be set to work in automatic mode – if the dog is moving, the GPS will track, if sleeping, the device will also wait. This way the battery lasts for about 1 week. Convenient and safe.

Our customers have said that with the Doglo tracker they finally have peace of mind and a lost dog is quickly found.

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