If dog have estrus period, how to keep the dog under control?

One of the biggest headaches for a dog owner starts when the dog has estrus period. Then the dog tends to go on adventures by itself or unexpected guests appear at the door. How to deal with this 3 week period when a dog is in heat? Here are some known tips.

  • Supervise Your Dog: Always keep an eye on your dog during her estrus period. Never leave her outside alone, even in a fenced yard. Other dogs can be remarkably resourceful when there’s a female dog in heat in the area.
  • Walk Her at Safe Times: Choose quieter times and places for walks when fewer dogs are likely to be about. Early morning and late evening hours are typically less busy.
  • Use a Leash or Harness: Regardless of how well your dog usually listens, a leash or harness should be used consistently during this time. This keeps your dog safe and gives you more control if an intact male dog approaches.
  • Stick to Controlled Environments: Consider sticking to your own well-fenced backyard or another secure area for outdoor playtime.
  • Create a Scent Barrier: Use pet-safe repellents in your yard to deter other dogs.
  • Distraction Techniques: Use her favorite toys or treats to divert her attention from potential distractions, including other dogs.
  • Consult Your Vet About Medical Options: Some veterinarians recommend hormonal treatments or even surgical options to help control estrus in dogs. This can help manage their behaviors during this cycle.
  • Train Your Dog: Strengthening your dog’s basic training can pay off during this time. Commands like “leave it,” “come,” and “stay” can be useful.
  • Panties and Diapers: Consider doggie diapers or specially designed panties that can accommodate sanitary pads to keep messes to a minimum and discourage male dogs.
  • Consider Daycare: If you’re going to be out of the home for extended periods, consider using a doggy daycare to ensure that your dog is supervised at all times. During the estrus period, the dog also needs to pee significantly more often.