The company Huntloc OÜ developing Doglo is now Traxby OÜ

The company Huntloc OÜ, which manufactures surveillance platforms and surveillance equipment, changed its business name to Traxby OÜ.

This development will change the company’s legal name, but the existing product brands Huntloc, Doglo and LiveTeam will continue to operate under their own names.

“Eight years ago, we started with Huntloc, a hunting management and dog tracking solution. With this idea, we also won second place in the “Brain Hunt” in 2015. In the course of time we have added tracking solutions to various target groups. LiveTeam, with functionality similar to the Huntloc platform, is aimed at teams working in the field. Last year, we started offering Doglo a solution for monitoring and guarding domestic dogs, “said Herko Sunts, the company’s founder and CEO. “As the company is growing rapidly, we decided that the company’s business name should no longer be closely related to the hunting industry. The name “Huntloc” will only be used as a product brand in the future.”

“The name Traxby is a derivative of the English compound” tracks by… “and reflects the company’s vision to provide customers with different tracking options with an overview of what is going on. Whether the object of observation is team members, pets or moving machines, “said Sunts.

For users of today’s Traxby platforms, the change in the company’s business name will not bring any changes. The company’s current tracking solutions Huntloc, LiveTeam and Doglo will continue under their name.