Tracker software update

The software of the monitoring device has been updated to version 1.10.49. In this version, the stability of the device’s data connection in poor coverage areas has been improved.

For the latest versions of the app, the app should offer the user an automatic update. If the user accepts this, an SMS will be initiated on the phone to the tracking device number. The content of the SMS to be sent is ‘fw’.

Updating the device software takes about 10 minutes and consists of two steps:

  • downloading the software version – the device will light up blue;
  • installing the software version – the green and red lights will light up or all the lights will go out (differences due to previous software version).

After the software installation, the monitor returns to standby mode (blue light flashes) and a fresh data connection is made, after which the new connection time and the software version number installed in the device are displayed in the device management view.

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