Doglo tracker is best choice for your dog

Dozens of missing pet posts can be found on social media platforms every day. For example, Facebook’s lost animal groups show more than 20 posts of a cute lost pet a day. From this example, it can be concluded that tens of thousands of our four-legged friends disappear each year. This is a big problem and certainly the biggest fear of every pet owner.

Doglo has created a simple solution to a big problem. The GPS dog tracking and monitoring device is designed for use by all family members. With the Doglo tracking device and app, you can keep an eye on your pet 24 hours a day, create a virtual fence (Geofence) and interact with your dog.

Doglo tracker’s main benefits over others devices are as follows:

  • Convenient viewing of the dog’s location on a smartphone – the tracker works in real time and gives the exact location on the map in the Doglo app. The device only needs mobile transmission to work, and  it is possible to monitor your favorite from hundreds of kilometers away!
  • Possibility to create a virtual fence – it is possible to create a virtual garden for the dog, and if the device detects the movement of the dog out of the “garden”, it will inform you about it through the app!
  • Calling a dog – You can call the tracking device and communicate with the dog or listen to the surroundings. The device has a microphone and a speaker.
  • Sharing the dog’s location with family members – the device can be connected to a smartphone with up to 5 members, who can all watch, guard and call the dog.
  • Long operating time – the device stays on for a month in standby mode and 36 hours during active animal monitoring.
  • Wireless charging – easy and convenient charging, the charger is included with the device.
  • Possibility to join the tracking service – Doglo dog tracker can also be rented, purchase of the device is not necessary! It is possible to join the monitoring service for a time that suits you, and every two years we replace the device with a new one.
  • Waterproof and dustproof device – swimming in the water with the device is not a problem!
  • Estonia’s own product – helpful native-speaking customer service and personal support are guaranteed!


Read more about the functionality of the device here


With Doglo dog tracker you can monitor your pet anytime and anywhere! The device offers security for the dog and peace of mind for you!


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