The Doglo tracking device has been developed in Estonia considering that the dog can move anywhere and in any weather.

The Doglo tracker gives a very precise position of the dog in the terrain. The device uses mobile transmission and has no distance limit – the dog can be tracked from thousands of kilometers away. All you need to monitor your dog and control your device is a smartphone. In addition to monitoring, you can call the dog and listen to what is the dog doing and give it voice commands. Holding the device around the dog’s neck, it works as a guard device, in case of loss of the dog it can be switched on to monitor at a distance.

The monitoring device is very durable, lightweight, waterproof and has a long battery. The monitoring time is 36 hours (interval 10 seconds) and the standby mode is 1 month. To ensure water resistance, the device does not have any openings or buttons, and 3 signal lights indicate the operating status of the device. Charging the device is wireless.

The trackers principles

Standby mode

When the device is switched on, the blue light on the device flashes quickly, and on the device in standby mode, the blue light flashes ’idly’.

  • The device switches to standby mode with the charger (place the device on the charger).
  • In standby mode, the device sends out information about the battery level and GSM signal strength once an hour.
  • In the standby mode, the tracker is ready to respond to phone calls and SMS commands made to it.
  • The device is in standby mode for about 30 days with a fully charged battery (depending on the air temperature and the strength of the GSM signal).

Tracking mode

The green light flashes when searching for a location, and the green light turns on when the location is detected.

  • Switching to device tracking mode is done by calling the device, the device starts searching for satellites, and when they are found, the dog’s location is shown in the mobile app. The speed of finding a GPS location depends on whether the dog is in the room, in the car, outdoors, or on the speed of the dog’s movement.
  • When calling a device in tracking mode, the device answers the call, and the user can listen to what the dog is doing. Voice commands can be transmitted to the dog via the loudspeaker in the device.
  • ​​ In tracking mode, the data update interval is 10 seconds by default, the user can change the location update frequency within a range of 1 to 99 seconds in the app (send the corresponding SMS message to the device).
  • In tracking mode, the active operating time of the device transmitting at 10-second intervals is approx. 1.5 days (depending on the air temperature and GSM coverage).
  • To switch from tracking mode to standby mode, a corresponding SMS message is sent to your device.

Charging the device

Red light flashes when the device is charging, and the red light is on when the device is fully charged.

  • To charge the device, place the device on a charging pad that is connected to the mains. The charging pad uses a microUSB charger, which is also compatible with a car charger.
  • If a working device is placed on the charger, the device restarts (green light turns on for 5 s). If you remove the tracking from the charger and put it back in during this time (the green light is on), the tracker switches itself off.