How to quickly find a lost dog

Dogs are very energetic animals and their sense of smell is one of the best among mammals. Sometimes, however, it can happen that a favorite finds a scent that cannot be refused and runs away. [...]

Walking the dog

One of the biggest responsibilities of being a dog owner is to take your dog for daily walks and make sure your pet gets enough exercise during the day. While walking your dog is probably the [...]

Save your nerves

Have you had to look for your lost dog? How much of your energy and nerves did you have to expend to find the dog? Or did you drive a car a huge number of kilometres in search of your dog? Anyone [...]

Tracker software update

The software of the monitoring device has been updated to version 1.10.49. In this version, the stability of the device’s data connection in poor coverage areas has been improved. For the [...]

New version of Doglo iOS app (2.8.23)

We have released a new version that is significantly different from the previous version of the app. The version of the app is identical to the previously released Doglo version of Android. The [...]

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